360 Video in Sport

One of the most interesting application of 360° Video is live 360° Video streaming. If you haven't heard about it yet with virtual reality and 360° video you can watch sport events as if you are there. Although it is relatively still very experimental more and more broadcasters are investigating 360° video broadcasting to broadcast sport events live.

Here at 3D Photographers in association with our various 360° video production partners we are investigating and developing 360° live video sport broadcasting. If you are a broadcaster and want to work with us developing 360° video and virtual reality live broadcasting applications feel free to contact us today.


360° Video Sport Broadcasting

Below is some examples of 360° Video used in the sport industry. You can watch the video's in your web browser, although it is recommended to watch it in Google Chrome for the best 360° video experience. You can use your mouse button to move left or right, and up and down. You can also use your keyboard to navigate which we found easier if you are on a laptop. Use the WASD keys on your keyboard to navigate inside the video.

You can also pop-on your Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR or generic virtual reality headset to get the complete 360° video immersive experience.