Google VR Daydream launched at Google I/O 2016

This is exciting news for anyone who is interested in Virtual Reality. Google today launched their Google VR Daydream project and by the looks of it mobile VR is becoming of age (although Google VR is only 2 years old). Mobile VR will soon be able to compete with the quality of computer based virtual reality headsets. From the live 360° video stream from the Google I/O 2016 event


Daydream VR is Google's new headset -- and it's not what you expected

Google wants to create the Android of VR, by encouraging phone makers to build around its new hardware and software platform. Instead of creating a single standalone piece of VR headgear with its own built-in computer, Google is launching a hardware and software platform -- dubbed Daydream -- to help any Android smartphone manufacturer create a VR headset themselves.

This will allow smartphone manufacturers to apply their experience and technology advantages to their own virtual reality headsets. Now Samsung, Huawei, Nokia, LG and Sony will be able to develop headsets or smartphones to work better with Virtual Reality Mobile Headsets, and instead of keeping the technology in their own hands they are sharing it!

The formula: a high-end smartphone, a new version of Android with a dedicated VR mode, and a lightweight headset and accompanying motion controller designed by Google itself. Much like with Google's Cardboard, a cheap VR viewer literally made out of cardboard, you'll stick your smartphone inside the headset before you attempt to step into another world.

But with Daydream, Google believes a more comfortable viewer, intuitive controller, a set of rigid requirements for the smartphone and new optimizations in the Android N software will help manufacturers deliver "the best smartphone-based mobile VR experience" on the market.

So this is very exciting to me, and I believe to every other developer who is interested in mobile virtual reality.

You can visit the official Google VR Daydream pages for more information on Google VR and the Google Daydream VR Project.

Google I/O Live 360 Video Stream