Lioness at the Lion Park South Africa Johannesburg

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Lioness at the Lion ParkThis is a photograph of a Lioness taken at the Lion Park in Johannesburg South Africa. The Lion Park provides visitors to the park with a wealth of animals to view at the Park.

The Lion Park falls within the boundaries of Johannesburg South Africa. It is also one of the Top destinations for visitors to Johannesburg that wants to experience some wildlife.

I have taken this photo of the Lioness at one of our visits to the Lion Park. For me the lion park is a photographers paradise. At the park one can take images of several lions. In fact there are more than 85 Lions at the Lion Park.

Lioness at the Lion Park

The Lion park also have the rare white lions which provides even more photo opportunities. There are giraffe, Springbok, kudu and wildebeest. The lion park also have other carnivors like cheatah, leopards and heyna.

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