Lionesses at the Lion Park in Johannesburg South Africa

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Lionesses at the Lion ParkWe have taken these images at the Lion Park in South Africa. These images were taken with a Standard Lens on my Sony A700 Digital Camera.

I just bought the camera and went over to the Lion Park to test it out.

The camera is amazing and I took some nice shots with the new camera. In this picture are some of the lionesses at the Lion Park. The Lion Park is very close to Johannesburg city, if I am correct it falls within the boundaries of the City of Johannesburg.

Lionesses at the Lion Park

“Photograph of Lionesses at the Johannesburg Lion Park in South Africa”

The Lion Park Photographs:

The Lion park is one of the premier destinations for photographers in Johannesburg South Africa that wants to practice their photography skills. The Lion Park provides a diversity of animals that you can take pictures of if you want to improve your photography skills!

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