360° Camera and 360° Video Camera Rig

360 camera rig

The 360 video revolution has begun! With the 3D Photographers VR3 360° Canera rig you can now create your own 360° Virtual Tours or 360° Video. The camera rig takes 8 action cameras to create 360° x 340° still images and video. With optional mounts the rig can take more cameras for a full 360° x 360° video or still images.

Product Name: 360° Camera Rig - 6 Cameras
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Detailed Description of the 360° Camera Rig - 6 Cameras

The 360° Video Camera Rig

The 360° Camera rig is made of high quality nylon making it one of the toughest 360° video camera rigs on the market. The 360° Camera rig is build for GoPro 3, GoPro 3+ and GoPro 4 camera's but also work with similar generic cameras like the Xiaomi action camera's as long as the camera's width and depth are the same as the GoPro 3 cameras width and depth.

The 360° Camera rig was developed for a minimum of 8 action camera's, allowing 360° x 170° footage. One can optionally add 2 additional cameras to the rig to take complete 360° x 360° footage. The 8 camera's are fitted precisely into the 360° camera rig with the camera lens perfectly in the center to minimize distortion and optimizing the stitching process.

Specifications: 360° Camera Rig - 6 Cameras




0.200 Kg

Number of Camera's supported:

The 360° Camera rig supports 8 action cameras by default.

8 Camera FOV

360° x 340°

10 Camera FOV

360° x 360° with additional brackets.

Standard Package Accessories:

1 x 360° Camera Rig
4 x Fastening Screws and Bolts.
1 x 360° Camera Case