360 Camera Rig – 6 Cameras 360°


The 360° Camera Rig is an entry level 360 video and camera rig. The rig takes 6 GoPro 3 and GoPro 4 cameras as well as the Xiaomi and other action cameras with the exact same dimensions as the Xiaomi and GoPro cameras. Don't be fooled by the price, although it is cheaper than the alumunium alloy rigs on 3D Photographers it is a good entry level 360° Camera rig that will create awesome 360° images and video.The rig is precisely made so that the camera lenses is placed on the sweet-spot of the rig, making stitching of 360° images and video easy. The rig uses only 6 cameras utilizing the camera positions for optimal 360° images with as little as possible cameras. This making the 360° camera rig even more affordable.

Product Name: 360 Camera Rig - 6 Cameras 360°
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Detailed Description of the 360 Camera Rig - 6 Cameras 360°

The 360° plastic 360 Camera Rig is the ideal 360 camera rig to get if you are new to 360° video, virtual reality and panorama image creation. The rig might be cheaper than our professional rigs. The only reason being that it is made of plastic and not aluminium alloy or nylon. The rig is tough enough to do the job, and one big advantage that the plastic rig offers is that it is really light making it ideal for aerial 360° video and image capturing.

Specifications: 360 Camera Rig - 6 Cameras 360°

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