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To: Virtual Reality
Date: May 3, 2016

Herewith the quotation as requested. We hope you find the following quotation in order

Product Name Quantity Unit Price Total
Google Cardboard Version 21R 249.99R 249.99
Google Cardboard Version 210R 229.99R 2299.90
Google Cardboard Version 250R 199.99R 9999.50
Google Cardboard Version 2100R 149.99R 14999.00
Google Cardboard Version 21000R 119.99R 119990.00
Google Cardboard Version 22000R 109.99R 219980.00
Google Cardboard Version 23000R 99.99R 299970.00
Google Cardboard Version 24000R 89.99R 359960.00
Google Cardboard Version 25000R 79.99R 399950.00
Google Cardboard Version 26000R 69.99R 419940.00


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