The 3D Photographers company provides photography, virtual reality and 360° video services. We specialize in the full three hundred and sixty degrees of creating virtual reality solutions. Our company have the know-how, expertise and experience to create any kind of Virtual Reality or 360° production. We have formed strategic partnership with many leaders in the 3D design, 3D Animation and Virtual Reality industry to assist us with the most complicated projects.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) is poised to redefine industries such as real estate, hospitality, entertainment, education, and healthcare. We’re excited to be working with the latest emerging technologies and media.

Real Estate Virtual Reality

We provide Virtual Tours and 360° Video service to Real Estate agents. Our 360° virtual tours and 360° video services offer high quality digital images and video at competitive prices.

Virtual Tours and 360° video can be one of the most powerful tools a Real Estate agent deploys to assist them with selling real estate.

3D Photographers offers several solutions to Real Estate Agents wanting to utilize technology as a sales tool.

More Information

Virtual Reality

  • Virtual Reality and 360° Video Consultation
  • Planning of 360° Video Filming
  • Directing of 360° Video Filming
  • Shooting of 360° Video
  • Stitching of 360° Video.
  • Editing 360° Video footage
  • Apply special effect to 360° video footage
  • Produce 360° video footage
  • Distribution of 360° video and Virtual Reality Solutions
    • Provide Hard copy of 360° video footage
    • 360° Video for Facebook
    • 360° Video for YouTube
    • 360° for self hosting web site
    • embedded code for 360° video to embed on your website
    • iTunes and Google Play Store.
  • Virtual Reality Application Development
    • Android
    • PC
    • Apple
    • Windows
    • Web Based eg: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox.