Real Estate Virtual Tours and 360° Video

New enhancements to virtual tours give potential buyers a real-life feel for a property while they're sitting at their computer, using a mobile smartphone, tablet or virtual reality headset.

What is a Virtual Tour?

In the real estate industry, a virtual tour is a tour of a property on a computer, smartphone or tablet. The property is filmed with a 360° camera or video camera. These images are then stitched together to form a 360° picture. The client can then use his smartphone, computer or tablet to walk through the house and almost see the house as if they were physically at the house.

New Virtual Reality technology also allow the client to view the house through a Virtual Reality Headset. The Virtual Reality headset gives the client an immersive 360° view of the property without being physically at the property.

Why use Virtual Reality in the Real Estate Industry?

  • Virtual reality is going to alter the real estate industry fundamentally.
  • Agents are critical to guide people through the most complex transaction of their lives.
  • Virtual Reality viewing, elimination and closing tables could dramatically help speed up the closing process.
  • Virtual Reality can save Real Estate agents time and money.
  • Sellers and Buyers do not always have time to either showcase their homes, or the client does not have time to view the property. With virtual reality there is no time to synchronise. Clients can view the property anytime.

How can we help you start using virtual tours?

We have several options available to help you to start creating virtual tours and 360° videos. We can handle the complete production of your virtual reality real estate stock. You phone us and we go and take the photographs/video, we process it and provide you with a final product. Or you can opt for our DIY virtual tour option. This allows you to shoot your own images and video of your real estate stock.