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Here at 3D Photographers we specialize in creating 360° videos and Virtual Reality environments. If you are looking for a professional Virtual Reality 360° Video feel free to contact us today for a solution. We have been involved with Virtual Reality since 1998 and can provide your company, business with great inside into the industry. Our team is professional and competent and can bring your ideas to life in Virtual Reality.


360° Video Virtual Reality

Here is some examples of 360° videos to give you an idea of how VR is being used in industry:

Virtual Reality in Education and Training

There are several different ways to utilize Virtual Reality in Education and Training. In the above video you get the opportunity to see inside the "Human Body" and see things as if you are actually in the human body. The possibilities for VR in Education is endless. Instead of animation you can also film reality in 360° Video and show real life scenarios. The 360° video below is an awesome example of how virtual reality can be used in the medical and education field. The video show the basic procedures of an operation.

The awesome part of the video above is that you can take people to places where they normally cannot go. In the example above it would be almost impossible for a normal person to view an operation due to privacy and health risk issues. By having the operation recorded in 360° video people from all over the world can see how such an operation is done and get an idea of the procedures involved. Medical students can learn from such videos and get an idea of what they will do once they are qualified.

360° Video in the Music Industry

Virtual Reality is not only good for training but also offers awesome experiences for music lovers, see the 360° video below to get an idea of how 360° video is being used in the music industry.

When viewing the Music video through your Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Headset or with your Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift or Virtual Reality headset it is as if you are part of the music video. You can view up, down, left or right and focus on the stuff that you want to focus on. You are the director and you can choose for yourself what and where you want to look. Users today demands interactivity with brands and users want to interact while they are being entertained and virtual reality takes this to a complete new level of providing users with what they want.

Virtual Reality in the Fashion Industry

We here at 3D Photographers love the way that Sports Illustrated made use of virtual reality and 360° video to bring their annual swimsuit calendar shoot to new heights. It is a good example of how the fashion industry is using Virtual Reality to promote their clothes to the world.

Virtual Reality in Sport

Another awesome application of 360° video is live sports broadcasting. Imagine you want to watch a sport game but you are not able to travel to the stadium. Instead of watching the game on normal one dimensional broadcasting you can pop on your Virtual Reality headset and watch the game as if you were physically there. You can view the spectators at the game and get the vibe as if you were there...

360° Video Producers

We at 3D Photographers can help you to create your own Awesome 360° Videos whether it is for education, marketing, training or entertainment Feel free to contact us today to find out how we can assist you with filming and producing your 360° video.

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Virtual Reality Technologies, Partners, Hardware and Software Solutions

We here at 3D Photographers have extensive experience in creating Google Street View images, Panorama images, 3D Photography, 360° video and Virtual Reality Application development.

Below is some of the technologies that we use to create Virtual Reality solutions.

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