The Unity gaming engine is one of the most popular gaming engines to develop VR applications in. Here at 3D Photographers we use unity extensively for the Virtual Reality applications that we create.


Unity Technologies is shaping a booming global games and virtual reality market and has seen escalating uptake of the Unity engine and its complementary and integrated game promotion, user retention and analytics services.

The Unity engine is far and away the dominant global game development software. More games are made with Unity than with any other game technology. More players play games made with Unity, and more developers rely on the unity tools and services to drive their businesses, games and virtual reality applications.

Unity and Mobile Devices

Unity is increasing their market share in the rapidly growing gaming industry, generating Unity’s massive expansion in real terms. The key mobile gaming market, which Unity continues to expand into and dominate, is growing even faster.


Unity and Google Cardboard Virtual Reality

The Unity gaming engine is compatible with Mobile Devices and the Google Cardboard Developers application, making it one of the best platforms to create VR solutions in. Google Cardboard have created a SDK for Unity and makes it compatible with Google Cardboard applications. Oculus have also launched an SDK compatible with Unity. We can assist you with developing a professional VR Solution in Unity. For more information about UNITY and how we can create your VR Application in Unity feel free to contact us today. We are the experts in Virtual Reality in South Africa.

Virtual Reality Technologies, Partners, Hardware and Software Solutions

We here at 3D Photographers have extensive experience in creating Google Street View images, Panorama images, 3D Photography, 360° video and Virtual Reality Application development.

Below is some of the technologies that we use to create Virtual Reality solutions.

magic leap
google trusted photographer
google maps
google cardboard
android virtual reality