Virtual Reality South Africa

The top technology trend of 2016 seems to be Virtual Reality. Here in South Africa it seems like Virtual Reality is alive and well. Usually it takes sometime for a top USA trend to come to South Africa. But it seems like South Africa is at the forefront of Virtual Reality and 360° video production.


At 3D Photographers we provide virtual reality 360° video production services and received an unusual amount of queries from South African companies about Virtual Reality and 360° Video productions in the past few weeks. Some of these companies include requests from Banking institutions, Medical and Agricultural as well as some from South African Universities. We also received queries from International companies interested in making use of our 360° video services overseas.

Currently we are working on some of these projects and also assisting some of the other companies with consulting services and quotes. From the amount of accepted work it looks like South Africans are in for a treat over the next couple of months.

We also sell VR headsets and have already sold more than 2 500 Branded Google Cardboard units to corporate South Africa, and one company asked for a quote of 25 000 Google Cardboard units and 10 000 of the plastic VR Box Virtual Reality headsets that we sell.

Samsung Gear VR also recently launched in South Africa and more and more people are getting exposed to Virtual Reality.

From the looks of it Virtual Reality and 360° Video production is live and well in South Africa.


Here are some key events for Virtual Reality in South Africa

  • Google Cardboard launched in South Africa.
  • YouTube can broadcast 360° Video.
  • Facebook launch their 360° video.
  • 360° video can now be viewed with a Google Cardboard device, or without a Google Cardboard device.
  • Samsung Gear VR launch in South Africa.
  • 3D Photographers sell more than 2500 Branded Google Cardboard units.
  • Several other online shops start selling Google Cardboard and VR Headsets in South Africa.
  • South African Tourism start using 360° Virtual Reality Video in their overseas marketing.
  • Standard Bank sponsor 360° Video production.
  • ABSA bank launched their 360° sponsored video.
  • CNBC Africa and Finweek feature virtual reality.
  • Kwela broadcasts 360° video and virtual reality episode.
  • 94.7 launch Samsung VR Gear and provide lots of media exposure for 360° video's and virtual reality.
  • Iveco South Africa 360° video press conference.
  • #Feesmustfall and #Zumamustfall 360° videos.
  • ENCA broadcast episodes about 360° video and 360° video journalism.
  • Oculus Rift available in South Africa.