Virtual Tours: Alfa Romeo at the Johannesburg Motor Show

The Alfa Romeo Virtual Tour forms part of the Johannesburg International Motor Show 2011 Virtual Tour.


The Johannesburg Motor Show took place from the 8th of October 2011 to the 16th of October 2014. The Johannesburg Motor Show is the "Premiere Automotive Event and Motor Show" in South Africa, and takes place every second year at the NASREC Expo Center in Johannesburg South Africa.

Our Aim with the Virtual Tour was to capture the history of the show, and build an archive of Motor Shows at the Johannesburg NASREC Expo Center.

Advantages of the Virtual Tour for events

  • The Virtual Tour captured the Alfa Romeo display at the Johannesburg Motor Show in a 360° Virtual Reality view. Visitors can see the Alfa Romeo Stand exactly in perspective as it was at the time.
  • The Virtual Tour offers Alfa Romeo Branding and Marketing Exposure.
  • If implemented visitors can find Alfa Romeo Dealerships that sell these cars directly from the Virtual Tour.
  • The Virtual Tour can be used as a sales tool, by Alfa Romeo and once the car is outdated it forms part of Alfa Romeo's history.
  • The Johannesburg Motor Show Organizers can use the Virtual Tour as a tool to market the event to exhibitors, and build up a history / archive of the event.

Alfa Romeo Virtual Tour