Virtual Tours: BMW at the Johannesburg Motor Show

Virtual Tours and Virtual Reality (Combined with our mobile phone Virtual Reality Headset) offers users of the Virtual Tours the ideal opportunity to visit events that they cannot attend, or visit events that have already passed. The Virtual Tours offers the Brands and Businesses the ideal opportunity to market their product online inside this environment.


With our Custom Interface design we can overlay advertising onto the Virtual Tour, in this case, we can create a link directly to BMW South Africa where you can learn more about their cars, and view the latest models online. BMW Dealers can also advertise directly inside the Virtual Tour allowing clients to see where they can buy the cars inside the Virtual Tour. Studies have shown that people buying new cars are turning to the internet to research cars more frequently and the Virtual Tour Dealership lead is the ideal way for BMW Dealerships to get these leads.

The Virtual Tour below is of the BMW stand at the Johannesburg International Motor Show 2011.