Virtual Tours: Daihatsu JIMS 2011

Here is a one scene Virtual Tour of the Daihatsu Automotive Manufacturer stand at the Johannesburg Motor show 2011.


Virtual Tour of the Daihatsu Display at JIMS 2011

The Daihatsu Virtual Tour taken at the Johannesburg International Motor Show 2011 forms part of the larger complete Johannesburg Motor Show Virtual Tour. In the scene below you can only see the Daihatsu display at the Motor Show.

To view the virtual tour, left click and hold on the image above, move your mouse left or right.

Advance Virtual Tours

Here at 3D Photographers we can create custom Virtual Tours for your Business or Event. Using the latest Virtual Reality and Virtual Tour Technologies, you can now listen to Audio inside the Virtual Tours, watch videos in the Virtual Tours, click on objects and turn these objects 360° around in all directions and much more.