Virtual Tours: Ford at JIMS

Virtual Reality and Virtual Tour photography brings a complete new dimension into photography, capturing moments and offering Virtual Reality and Virtual Tour developers and Photographers the opportunity to showcase their subjects in a complete new and immersive way. The latest Technology in Virtual Reality and Virtual Tours bring objects to live with a Virtual Reality Headset.


Virtual Tour of the Ford Stand at JIMS 2011

You can interact with the Virtual Tour below, by clicking on the Virtual Tour holding your mouse down, and moving left to right, or right to left and up and down. The Ford Stand Virtual Tour is part of the Larger Virtual Tour of the Johannesburg Motor Show. In this view you can however only see one scene from the virtual tour.

5 Benefits of Virtual Tours

  1. Virtual Tours simulate reality, allowing people to see 360° of the place where the Photograph has been taken. In this case, one can see exactly what the Ford stand looked like at the Johannesburg Motor Show, and also see what the other stands surrounding the Ford Stand looked like.
  2. The Virtual Tour allows people to find perspective of surroundings inside the photograph.
  3. Virtual Tours encourage interaction. Usually visitors will only look at a photo, with a virtual tour, people can interact with the photo and the Virtual Reality environment.
  4. Virtual Tours can be used with Virtual Reality Headsets and allow people to view truly immersive reality via the Virtual Tours.
  5. Virtual Tours is said to convert much better than just normal photographs.