Virtual Tours: Honda at the Johannesburg Motor Show

Virtual Tours is a kind of panorama photography that allows you to capture reality and view it in a 360° field of view allowing you to experience the photograph from all angles and viewpoints surrounding the camera. In the Virtual Tour below you can see the HONDA Automotive Manufacturers stand at the Johannesburg Motor Show 2011


Honda Virtual Tour

You can navigate the Johannesburg Motorcycle Show Honda stand virtual tour, by clicking and holding down your cursor on the Virtual Tour. Moving left or right, up or down allows you to browse the Virtual Tour.

5 Advantages of Virtual Tours

  1. Virtual Tours revolutionize the way people use the internet to search for information. If a product is available on the internet in a Virtual Tour, people can get a feel of the product, object, scene or event by being able to get a 360° view of the scene or object.
  2. In the case of the Honda display at the Johannesburg Motor Show, visitors can view the stand from anywhere in the world. This allow people whom have attended the show, to look at the show again and again, or people who have missed the show to look at the show from wherever they are.
  3. Virtual Tours can also be used by Event organizers to showcase their events to existing and new exhibitors. By having a history of previous show, organizers can boost their credibility and the Virtual Tours allow for potential exhibitors a better view of what they can expect from events.
  4. The Virtual Tour on this page is quite static, in the sense that visitors can only scroll up and down in the scene and left or right. With the latest Virtual Tour and Virtual Reality technologies visitors can play music, in the scenes, listen to audio explaining the product or the scene, or even watch videos inside the Virtual Tour and more.
  5. Virtual Tours allow you to take the "Show and its Products" to anyone anywhere in a truly immersive way, for companies that have big infrastructure or a wide variety of products Virtual Tours offers an easy solution to take these "products and infrastructure" in a Virtual Environment anywhere.