Virtual Tours: Isuzu KB Double Cab

Our virtual tour pages provide some examples of what is possible with Virtual Tours. In this example we have a relatively static Virtual Tour of the Isuzu KB Double Cab. The Virtual Tour allows visitors to see what the Isuzu KB Double Cab looks like inside. Viewers can view the inside of the Isuzu KB Double Cab by clicking on the Virtual Tour, holding their mouse button down, and moving the mouse left or right, up or down. This allow visitors to view the Isuzu KB Double Cab interior in 360° in any direction.


The Latest internet statistics show that people do not just buy cars anymore. They first go onto the internet to research cars before they go and buy. Virtual Tours like the Isuzu KB Double Cab tour allow visitors to experience the car first hand, and they can look inside the car in a similar way as they would if they were at a Car Dealership, or test driving the car.

Virtual Tour: Isuzu KB Double Cab

5 Advantages of Virtual Tours for the Automotive Industry

  1. Automotive Manufacturers and Car Dealerships can use Virtual Tours to showcase their cars on the internet, similar to what people will see when they take the car for a test drive. People are using the internet more frequently to do "Car Research" before they buy a new car. The Virtual Tours and Virtual Reality cars, allow people to view cars online in detail.
  2. Cars are big objects and it is quite time intensive for people to visit "Several Dealerships and Automotive Manufacturers" to Test drive all the cars that the client is interested. Taking a Virtual Tour test drive of a car, allows the person to see what each car looks like inside, and to find out what he/she likes and dislikes about the car, long before going for a real test drive.
  3. Not everyone can afford a BMW/Mercedes-Benz/Lamborghini or Ferrari, Your cars maybe to expensive for ordinary people to drive, yet they have a huge interest in these cars. Automotive Virtual Tours and Virtual Reality applications allow you to showcase your cars to these markets and build your brand among these people. Who knows the 20 year old that cannot afford your car now, may find himself in the position to buy your cars when he/she is in their 30's.
  4. Virtual Tours can make money for you company. People who may not be too much into your brand, can find that they actually like your cars once they have taken a Virtual Tour of your car.
  5. Dealers may not carry all the various car models on their floor at all times. When a customer wants to see a specific car which is currently not on the floor of the Dealership, the sales person can use the Virtual Tour as a tool to show the client the model in a Virtual environment.

Visit our Advantages of Virtual Tours page, to get some more ideas of how Virtual Tours can help your business sell more goods, and what the benefits of Virtual Tours are.