Virtual Tours: Toyota at the Johannesburg Motor Show 2011

Virtual Tours and Virtual Reality had a relatively slow start, but it is expected that Virtual Tours and Virtual Reality will gain tremendous momentum and popularity in the immediate future. One of the draw back's in the past included slow internet connections. But now with internet speeds and connectivity of 1mb and upwards, virtual tours and virtual reality is now getting more popular everyday.


Recent advances in Virtual Reality Headsets and ease of access (You can now have a Virtual Reality Headset, by buying a Mobile Virtual Reality Headset and using your Smartphone) is making it possible to have a Immersive Virtual Reality experience using your mobile phone.

Virtual Tour of the Toyota Stand at the Johannesburg International Motor Show 2011

Below is an example of the Virtual Tour of the Toyota Stand at JIMS 2011. The tour forms part of the bigger JIMS 2011 Virtual Tour. In this Virtual Tour you can only view one scene from the auto show. Virtual Tours and Virtual Reality have however advanced so much from 2011 to 2014 that new Technologies allows you to get inside the cars, switch on the radio, listen to a presentation via audio about the car, watching videos and being much more interactive with the cars and objects inside the Virtual Tour.

To experience the Virtual Tour, simply click on the Tour above, and while holding your mouse down move left, or right to browse the scene. For the ultimate Virtual Reality experience of the scene above use a Virtual Reality Headset to view the images at live size, and see the cars as you would if you were at the show.