3D Photographers are a South African based Photography, Video, 360° Video and Virtual Tour production agency in Johannesburg South Africa. We have a full 360° video production team which can assist with onsite video shoots, photography and 360° video shoots and production.

We are considered pioneers in Virtual Reality, Virtual Tours and 360° Video Productions. We have created our own 360° Camera system and 360° video stitching solutions, enabling us to shoot high quality 4K, 2K and HD video and 360° Video.

Our Team have extensive experience in providing complete 360° video productions and Virtual Reality software solutions.

We have created several Virtual Reality games for big South African and International Brands, using the High-end HTC VIVE virtual reality and Oculus Rift Virtual Reality systems.

360° Video Solutions and Virtual Reality Applications

We create custom virtual reality software applications, virtual reality games, 3d Photography and Augmented Reality applications and virtual tours. We are the oldest Virtual Reality and 3D Photography website in South Africa.

  • Interactive Virtual Reality marketing and Virtual Reality advertising.
  • 360° video production for Concerts and special events.
  • Virtual Reality solutions for Sports, gaming and entertainment.
  • 360° Video and Virtual Tours for Tourism, virtual locations and education.
  • 360° Video for Security and surveillance.
  • Virtual Reality solutions for Law enforcement and military.
  • Virtual Reality training, education and conferencing.
  • 360° Video News gathering and documentation.
  • Virtual Reality Events, Activations and Product Launches.
  • Live 360° Video and 360° Live Broadcasting.
  • Custom Virtual Reality Applications for Windows, Android and Apple.
  • Virtual Reality Game Development.
  • Augmented Reality Marketing Solutions.
  • We specialize in 360° photography and 360° Video.
  • 360° Video Filming.
  • 360° Video Stitching.
  • 360° Video Production.
  • 360° Video Planning and Directing.
  • 360° Video Script.
  • 360° Special effects.
  • Virtual Tours.
  • Google Street View.
  • Virtual Reality.
  • Virtual Reality Hardware.
  • Virtual Reality Software.
  • Augmented Reality.

3D Photographers are a full service virtual reality production company. We create exceptional virtual reality and 360 degree immersive experiences and 360° films.

Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Solutions

One of the major companies in the Virtual Reality industry is Google. Google launched Google Cardboard in 2014. Google Cardboard is the most affordable way for people to experience virtual reality.

The Google Cardboard Virtual Reality headset costs about $15.00 and uses smartphones to view virtual reality. Making it affordable for anyone with a smartphone to immerse themselves into VR

3D Photographers specialize in creating 360° Video solutions for companies interested in sharing their immersive content via Google Cardboard. 3D Photographers can also create custom VR solutions for Google Cardboard.


Samsung Gear VR – Virtual Reality Solutions

Samsung is another one of the big companies involved in Virtual Reality. Samsung in 2015 released the Samsung Gear VR. We here at 3D Photographers can create custom Virtual Reality solutions for the Samsung Gear VR Headset.

If you are looking for a corporate, tourism or educational solution you can Contact Us for more information, we will be more than happy to assist you.


Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Solutions

The headset that started it all. Back in 2011 in Long Beach, California, the 18 year olf Palmer Luckey hacked together the first prototype of the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality headset. The Oculus Rift headset started the most anticipated and hottest trend in the technology world in 2016

3D Photographers can develop custom 360° video solutions for your company compatible with the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset and Oculus Rift software.


Custom Virtual Reality Solutions

There are several High Quality Virtual Reality headsets available on the market. We develop Virtual Reality Solutions for the HTC VIVE, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Go and Lenovo and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. We develop for Windows, Android and Apple.

3D Photographers are capable of developing 360° Video, Virtual Tours, Google Street View and Virtual Reality applications for all of them. If you are looking for a complete Virtual Reality Photography or Virtual Reality Software solution we can do it for you.

We will be happy to assist you with a custom virtual reality solution

We are also able to provide you with custom made and branded virtual reality hardware and software.


Virtual Reality Rentals

We are one of the premium Virtual Reality Rental companies in South Africa. We have the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Oculus Go and Samsung Gear VR Headsets for hire.

If you are planning a virtual reality event or virtual reality activation. Talk to us today for the best virtual reality rental options available in South Africa. We also have trained virtual reality staff which you can use at your events. These activation members are trained to guide users in their virtual reality experiences as well as trained to maintain hygiene of the Virtual Reality headsets.


360° Virtual Reality Video and Virtual Reality Distribution

3D Photographers can assist you with the distribution of your 360° Video’s and Virtual Reality Applications.

  • 360° Video distribution to Facebook
  • 360° Video distribution to Youtube
  • 360° Video distribution to Google+
  • 360° Video distribution to Twitter
  • 360° Video embeds – can be shared to any website
  • 360° Video implementation on your own website
  • Video distribution to Google Play Store
  • 360° Video distribution to istore
  • 360° Video distribution via CD, Memory Stick, USB or Desktop Applications

3D Photographers specialize in the production of 360° video’s and Virtual Reality content. Although our main services are producing 360° video content we also offer 360° video distribution. 3D Photographers and our partners have extensive experience in Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing and Online Marketing which you can utilize as part of your 360° video and virtual reality distribution to get maximum return on investment from your Virtual Reality applications.

We also provide you Public Relations services to help distribute your Virtual Reality applications and 360° video’s to the media.